Latin cuisine encompasses various flavors from Mexico, Peru, and Argentina—but when you visit us here at Sabor in Reno, Nevada, we bring a taste of the good life straight to your table with our diverse menu. Crafted daily with the finest ingredients, each appetizer, side, and entree we create makes sure that every bite you take is well worth the wait.


When you are craving food from Argentina you don’t have to worry about booking a plane ticket to experience the authentic flavors because we offer various options that will take you there all while in the comfort of Reno. One particular entree not only awakens a history and flavor you’re sure to love, but it is also guaranteed to satisfy the meat lover in you.


Our Parrillada Argentina plate comes packed with juicy skirt steak, sausage, pork chop, short ribs, and chicken. This entree will provide you with the variety you’ve always longed for and send your taste buds on an adventure they’ll never forget. Aside from the delicious flavors the meat provides, the best part is that this entree is large enough to share with a party of two or three! However, the key to this dish is in how it’s grilled, and that’s where the art of Argentian grilling steps in. Using this grilling technique we’re able to lock in the tenderness the get the juices flowing.


This Argentine style of grilling has been around for centuries and our chefs happily bring it straight from our kitchen to your plate. We understand the importance of this dish and always provide the love and attention it needs to be perfect. We make sure that the meat reaches the right crispness on the grill so that it creates mouth-watering flavors every time you take a bite. We stay true to the history but still provide a modern flair, which is just one way we strive to keep all of our Latin cuisines authentic. We’re proud of our Argentian grilling game and know the moment you take a bite you will be, too.


In addition to the variety of meats, this entree comes topped with green chimichurri sauce made with parsley, cilantro, garlic, vinegar, and extra virgin olive oil. We take pride in our chimichurri sauce and make it from scratch every day. It always comes packed with a spicy punch that quickly becomes the star of the show. Delectable grilled vegetables and fries are also provided to top everything off. From the moment you order until we bring it tableside, the joy this dish provides will leave a lasting impression.


When you visit us we make sure that your experience is as unique as the food we provide. So the next time you’re searching for authentic Latin cuisine, stop by and join us at Sabor. We guarantee that you and your family will love our wide variety of dishes from Latin America.


Learn more about our diverse menu by visiting our Menu or stop by the restaurant and let us know what your personal favorite dish is. We look forward to becoming your new go-to for Latin cuisine.